Vehicle Logs

Vehicle Logs

Vehicle Log

Log Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is one of the most essential assets for you as it eases your day-to-day life by taking you from one place to another easily.

Carrying and managing vehicle papers are often too annoying. In case of misplacing or loss of any vehicle document means you will have to spend time and money to get them ready again.

Now, get freedom from dependency on vehicle papers and manage your entire 'Vehicle Log' digitally.

Now, combat all such problems by switching to a digital 'Vehicle Log' presented by AutoMartz. This Vehicle log allows you to maintain your vehicle's entire health and details digitally. Be it carrying your vehicle papers, calculating whole month expense on your vehicle, servicing time, and many more, AutoMartz's Vehicle log features all.

Since it's a digital and advanced 'Vehicle Log', it helps you in taking better care of your vehicles by some additional features;

  • Remind about the next Servicing of your vehicle prior to its servicing date
  • Determine expenses of the whole month
  • Fuel consumption and mileage calculation
  • Overall performance of your vehicle

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