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BIKE VISOR / BIKE VISOR Glass - Automotive Visors, Bike Visors, Motor Cycle Visors, Motorcycle Visors.

Well, even the smallest item of 2/3/4 wheelers holds much importance, but the value of each arises with its use. The visual clarity is an important function while, even a blink could be fatal. The eye protection used while driving should be of quality. However there are many customized helmets with visors attached whether Indian branded or Imported, the certification is important, In India the certifying authority is the Indian Standards Institute while ECE/ DOT/ SNELL are the International certifying authorities. A helmet with ISI 4151 is the most guaranteed helmet that prevents the skull during the accidents in India.

The eyes need to be protected against dust and harsh sunlight to ensure clarity in the vision. The major points to be checked for are,

  • ISI Certification – India
  • Imported Certification – ECE/ DOT/ SNELL
  • 13 digits Product number 13 digits NNNNNAAANNNAA (eg:63200AAG100SS)
  • Certificate of Quality
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Description
  • Warranty period/ expiry
  • Quantity
  • Color

Types of Visors

Visors does not have standard size that are manufactured, rather it crafted as per the vehicle type. Although there are many visors with different dimensions some are listed below for clarity.

  • Visor-fitted Helmet
  • Clear Visors
  • Mirrored Visors
  • Tinted Visors
  • L2 Visors – with Face Shield Lens Sun Glass
  • Flip-up motor-cycle visor
  • Anti-fog helmet
  • Sun-visor
  • Half-helmet visor
  • Fiber wind-shield visor
  • Plastic windscreen visor
  • Double bike-winglet visors
  • Wind deflector visor
  • Football helmet visors for children
  • Visor Mudguard

Features of the best quality Helmet with attached visor

The safest and the wisest decision would be opting for the Clear vision Helmet-Visors that ensures crystal clear visibility while driving attached to your helmet. Additionally it should have flexible movement. The benefit s of this type of visors is it’s compatible as it fits well with all type of helmets. It allows maximum penetration of light to pass and the rider would not have the suffocating feeling. Long rides during sunny days can really stress your eyes out if you are using a clear visor on your helmet. Although the transparent visors does not work well in case of scorching sun-light, which has pushed consumer’s preference toward tanned visors. Also the demand for Smoked visors/ colored visors have shown an increase in demand because of its refractive quality.

The most trending ones are mostly black bike visors or are tanned colored that works well during summers when the heat is high. Some being translucent are the smoked visors that also provides protection from the sunlight as well as provide better visibility than the mirrored visor at night.


The reputed brand manufacturer of Helmet attached visors are Steelbird & Studd.

The best helmet attached visors are Hi-Impact PC-ABS Blended.  Picking-up the most reputed company well-known by almost all the automobile industry, the Steelbird. The Gold Visor is priced highest with Rs. 3499 and price comes with quality and so does the Ares A-5 Admiral, Steelbird. The material used in building the concrete helmet and is ranked-1 and forms the outer coating of the Visor with polycarbonate which shields anti-scratch. It has flexi movements mostly named as the Flip-Up or the Modular Helmets.

The visors could be attached to the upgraded tech-helmets which are equipped with phase change technology with internal temperature control equipped and the Sweat-Resistors and it also has inner fabrics-make that comforts the neck region. The hi-frequency interiors are also made up of soft PU-foam for better comfort with air & water tight spectra-guard.

During summer season mostly the 2 wheeler users prefer only Visors rather, a full covered helmet.

The most recommended brand to go is the Steelbird’s  AIR-SBA1 Motorbike, also known as the  Glassy. Some common terms that may help while buying Visors online are the Headlight Visors, motorcycle/Scooter, Hilex Passion Pro Visor Glass, White Activa Visor,

HL Visor Passion plus New, Scooty Visor, Bike Visors


Stay safe always wear helmets even in the summers.