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Full Face Bike Helmets For Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj and all bikes.

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Full Face Helmets
Full Face Helmets

Just having any Head gears does not ensure safety. Chandigarh recorded 150 deaths straight in three consistent years, 2015-2018, due to low graded head gears, the Times of India, dated 8th February 2018, testified by the Chandigarh police. Nothing counts more than life; invest in purchasing quality Full Face Helmets for your two-wheeler bike. To identify the correct and original 2-wheeler head-gear is an important task as there are expert duplicate helmet makers in abundance. The original motorcycle open face helmets would always have the quality certification like the ISI mark, DOT and ECE generally printed on the helmets including its box too. The first helmet purchase is just an experiment for the amateur teens where they end up paying high for duplicate head-gear.  Protecting Two Wheel Gearing accessories has basic variation like gender-wise, vehicle type and the age group. There are full-helmets that are common for every gender; its just the size that shall differ. Although there Men, Women & kids helmets but the most standard and much preferred are the branded ones, like the Studds, Steelbird and others. But the Indian bike Full Face Helmet manufacturers are Arai, Black Panther, Murphy head gear and Vega Helmets US, Kent International helmet, Wrangler Royal Enfield helmets, Aerostart-headgears are, the international brand headgear makers. Motor bike Helmets have 6 classifications, like Helmets Full-face, Modular (AKA with Flip-up), Open face (AKA –sized 75%), Half helmet (AKA -brain bucket), Off-roads (AKA moto-cross helmet), Dual-Sport (AKA crossovers/ ADV/ Hybrids/ Enduro).
Go for the ABS and/or polycarbonate material made helmets as it is concrete solid and endures long. The presence of Adjustable straps and breathable interiors ensures comfort
The universal recommended head gears that goes with Men, Women & kids Cruiser Helmets, Dual Anthracite helmets, Armor helmets, Crash helmets, Crash head gear, Head protector, Shako full head cover, Helmets with tanned visors. Exclusive women full-head helmets for women who drive light two-wheelers like TVs Scooty, Honda Activa, the Raider Deluxe Open Face Scooter Helmet, Fuel Helmets, and MMG motorcycle full-skull gears.
If the quality is to be determined by weight judgment then, the recommended identification of a quality head-gear are,  the 1.5 kgs Vega Crux CRX-B-L Flip-up Helmet & Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet, Studds 001 Ninja Elite Flip-Up Trendy Helmet with standard weight of 1.65 kgs, 2kgs - LS2 FF386 Flip-Up Helmet, 748 gms, the highest JMD Helmets Grand Open Face Helmet. If the hunt is for fancy full-head protection helmets then opt for Junior Helmets, Off-road helmets D/V, Women helmet – Vega Verve helmets, Novelty Helmet, Atom helmet (Multi-colored)
Buying Two-wheeler Helmets is not a frequent purchase task like cloth shopping and neither is an escape cap that merely guarantees a safe passage at traffic lights. The number of on-road fatal deaths are too high wherein, the report reveals that the causes of deaths were cerebral injuries and tragedy could have been avoided if the rider had the helmet on.