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Brake Paddle Rubber
Brake Paddle Rubber


It would be rather senseless to explain the importance of brake pads and/or the related braking components, like the Brake Paddle Rubber or the Anti-brake systems To know about the two-wheeler Braking and the Brake-accessories, it is important to understand the braking-technologies and the related brake-spares, including the braking components. The most common terms used and understood words when referring the Motorcycle breaks in the Automobiles Industry, brake-Spare parts, Brake-Ancillary  are the Brake Drums and the Disc-Brakes. There are multiple words related to the Bike-braking spares and when in a motorbike service stations one can hear multiple new terms used in the 2-wheel brakes like the floating disc brake with fixed calipers, sliding wheel-brakes, large rotors that increases braking powers, multi-piston calipers, disc brake calipers, radial brake caliper, inboard brakes, front brake assembly brakes, piston brakes calipers, perimeter brakes, Carbon disc brakes used in the Moto-GPs, Combined Brake system (CBS brake), brake junctions and also the brake-fluids/ brake-oils. Before going for on-line purchase of the Braking-rubber paddles, shoes of the motorbike’s brakes, braking solutions related to your vehicle, bike brakes and/or the brake accessories, few check points are to be kept in mind when dealing in the brake-accessories like the brake-rubs and the break-shoes like, what to look for, when to replace and where to get it replace as these two are parts grip the brakes tightening the wheel’s rim surface bringing it immediate halt. If your two-wheeled bike brake pads & the brake-shoes are in wore & tore condition, then this part of the brake-family needs to be changed.  The periodicity of changing the 2 Wheeler halting-accessories would be mentioned in your two-wheel vehicle auto-manuals. And further, it is advised to have all your auto-servicing, buying brake spare-parts, hydraulic brakes, ABS- Anti Braking Systems change from authorized automobiles centers only. For your ease, AutoMartz recommends some Automobile-brand manufacturers that deals in the Braking-Systems of Motor-Bikes are, for Brake fluids/Oil - Bosch, for braking lubricants – Palco, Castrol’s Brake oils, Bosch/ Castrol Transmission-Mechanism Braking Fluids, most popular is the Castrol-12614 Dot 4 Synthetic Brake-Fluid, Break Oil manufacturers, Customize Automotive Brake Oil, Xforce Special Wet Brake Oil, the reputed automobile brake-oil solution provider Gulf Brake Fluid Dot-3 and has joined with Ashok Leyland to provide brake-Fluid solutions.