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Half Face Anti Pollution Mask
Half Face Anti Pollution Mask
Full Face Anti Pollution Mask
Full Face Anti Pollution Mask
Cotton Face Mask
Cotton Face Mask

 Anti Pollution Face Mask 

Driving a two wheeler must be a pleasant experience and that to should be a safe and healthy one, especially on Indian roads. The carbon emission in Delhi has reached an alarming level and there is an urgent need to protect the respiration. The routine task of going to office, buying vegetables, schools etc cannot be stopped but prevention can be taken by using Anti Pollution Mask for driving and/or during walking.

Before buying anti-pollution masks, look for the words like NIOSH/ EN, N95, N99, FFP3 printed on the mask and also check for breathing valves, Carbon filters and the exhalation valves.  It very important, if the above engraves missing, then it will not be able to guard your lungs from the notorious PM2.5 particles, which is air-borne. Although it will fit well but will not the serve purpose that you will be buying it for. There are various anti-pollution cover available in the market which is used for different respiratory purposes, like the N95, N99, 3M 8210, Honeywell H801, dettol siti shield protect plus, 3M Aura, Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge, Respro Techno and Respro Techno, Totobobo, which are rated as the best antipollution face masks.  Price-wise, the Vog-Mask is expensive which is similar to Cambridge masks. Additionally, it has good looks, with a carbon filters, with one or two valves, The N99 certified Vog-Mask filters about 99.97% pollution particles, from 0.3 to 2.5+ along with the Volatile organic compounds If looking at lower cost, then Honeywell and 3M masks should be your choice as it is targeted for the middle-level income consumers and also an old market player in producing respiratory anti-pollutant face masks.

Not all masks are guarantee protection against smokes and dangerous carbon emission Honeywell’s anti-pollution masks are KN-95 rated which means that they filter up to 95% of particulate matter and air born bacteria and viruses. KN-95 is the common respiratory mask which indicates that these masks are suitable for non-oily particulates like dust, mist and microorganisms. The material make of these anti-dust face masks are Cotton made which restricts the entry of harmful air pollutants which is generally a mix of pollens, ashes, molds, clays. The chances are high of breathing in more polluting substance is at the traffic signal halts, but wearing the above certified anti-pollution masks ensures the safety of your respiratory tracts and lungs. The best of these anti-smoke face masks are that they are washable and be re-used.  For metro cities there are Atrium Urban Air Masks. Most of the masks are made out of paper and have a 3 layer filter media which increases the filtration time by almost 50% as compared to similar products.

Stay safe and use masks from the certified dealers, contact Automartz.

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