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Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing as your Automobile guide.


We cover all the registered vendors and their business types which the users can select from the business type and can narrow the search from the filters given in order to find the right vendors in the vast automobile industry.

For the Users

  1. It is simply great to signup and login to be able to view our extensive list of products and find all the products of your choice according to the category you want to search in.
  2. We offer the products search into four categories.



1. By clicking on Sale/Purchase we wish to know the subsequent details like category, details of vehicle type, brand, model number etc. Hence you can view the products from the products results and select the one of your choice to view the vendors who deals in them.

2. Sale/ Purchase section works like a platform for you to find trusted vendors who deal in sale/purchase of all road vehicles. They are genuine dealers and that itself makes sure that the vehicle you want to deal in comes with better and trusted service.


Spare Parts

In this section, you will identify the ocean of products that the automobile industry has to offer by looking into the correct category.

The categories are defined according to every vehicle type such as 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, Light commercial vehicles(LCV’s), Heavy Commercial Vehicles(HCV’s), Contruction Vehicles  and Agriculture Vehicles.

Since there are millions of parts and variants, there’s a sorted pattern to search for the part you are looking for and find out the vendors dealing in the selected part.

Since the requirements can vary depending on the quantity, the users can choose from various options of Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Dealers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers etc and contact them directly for the transaction to be made according to the contact details provided by the vendors.



Since there are numerous vehicles on the road and accessories increase the passion of driving them all the more, this section provides the products in much detailed than any other platform and one can choose from various vendors in your own area to contact directly and purchase the accessories of your choice after having to look and feel the real thing.



All vehicles need repair or services to be done for them to ensure they are running in perfect condition that is hassle free and services help us make sure about that.

Search in Services for road side assistance to insurance the various options that you might need and the vendors waiting for you to contact them and assist you in the best possible manner., being a brand of ASPI Global Pvt Ltd, respects your right to Privacy when you use our digital media platforms(Portal/Website, Mobile Application on Android/iOS, our social network presence interactive pages, the forums, or group networks available for customer vendor relationships etc and so on) as a medium for your promotions, establishment in Automobile industry as well as every user using an Automobile for communicating directly with us through email or contact centre.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to share with all our visitors as how, a brand of ASPI GLOBAL PVT LTD, a company duly registered under the                                                                   to collect, store, use, digitalize, market your informative data and the company data through our digital media throughout our digital platforms of promotion.



1. What personal data do we require from you and where all can you share your information?

2. Do we use tracking technology and how do we aim to use it?

3. For what purpose we require the data and on which legal grounds?

4. What happens when the data given to is not correct or incomplete data is given or you refuse   to share the data?

5. To whom we share or disclose the registered data with and on what grounds?

6. Where all your data shared will be shared and why?

7. How do you secure your personal data and which data will be made public?

8. Changes and declaration in Privacy Policy?



1.What personal data do we require from you and where all can you share your information?

Personal data is the data that belongs to the customer or the vendor and used at the time of registration based only on the information required during registration.

For user registration, we collect this data so that the user is logged in and can search all the information required for the use and details on the portal Also, at the time of communication with any vendor or the Portal authorities, the user details are a must to make sure the person using it is genuine and are shared with the vendors that user wants to contact with. In case of any interaction with the vendors or other users through community or career section or other ways to communicate, we encourage genuine data of every user and vendor logged in. Such data of all users is saved in our database to remember the customer login and keeping a unique id in place. In case of any loss of data from customer’s or vendor’s side, we ensure the user or vendors can simply click on forgot password and retrieve their already saved information to easily retrieve their login details and enjoy our services.

For vendor registration, it is essential that the vendor provides all the authentic data with the true and correct information in every respect. Since the core value of is to provide genuine leads to the customers/user/other vendors, it is extremely essential for the vendor to provide genuine data as to reach them through exact geo location feature and also to be giving them the right information about the vendors in all respect.

In any case of false information provided, ASPI Global Pvt Ltd holds all the rights to limit the access, remove or delete the information provided by the user or the vendor in their respective accounts or both. The last right of data usage remains with ASPI GLOBAL Pvt Ltd ensuring that none of the data will be misused in any type of criminal or illegal activity whatsoever.


Do we use tracking technology and how do we aim to use it? is a portal which does location identification to identify the location of the user through IP Address for the benefit of the customer only. For the best suited results, we take permissions in some cases from the customer itself by checking the ‘know your location’ checkmark. In some cases, however, this option is self enabled to help us provide the customer or user with the best results possible in the areas of his/her choice. However, in some cases, where the pop ups are blocked, the ‘know your location’ feature might or might not be activated depending on customer’s computer/phone settings or advanced settings features. In all, our main aim is to make the query related results more effective and useful for the searches made by the users for the vendors of their search.

During the registration of the vendor, we have an optional feature of adding the geo location of the vendor’s detail using Longitudes/ Latitudes. This helps the vendor to be marked on the maps and to be found in a much effective manner with the closest search option.

This information enables us to track the vendor on the portal and the mobile application making it easy for the customers visiting them at their business with much ease and providing them with the right information and saving time for transactional business.

In case you want to change these privacy options, you can write to us on with your complete requirement and our Tech support team will get in touch with you shortly to help you with the best solution at the earliest with the most effective pace.



For what purpose we require the data and on which legal grounds?

By approving terms and conditions, we ask for basic user details and while registering a vendor, we require the relevant vendor details.

Both these details have separate use of entering their information. A user may or may not enter true or false information only to enter certain features of the Portal However, it is not always mandatory to register/sign in to use or search or surf through some features and its results in the portal or the mobile application on android/iOS platforms.

For vendors, it is important to give the correct information as far as possible which also involves their registration process and also if needed an assistance from the official representative executive of ASPI Global Pvt Ltd. This is important as all the listing made on ASPI Global Pvt Ltd are supposed to be for the benefit of the Automobile Industry and its Users and other Vendors, which makes it essential for the vendors to be completely honest and clear about their details at all times and cost. If there is any need, the vendor shall be held responsible in case of change of any of their data or details once registered as the changes are entitled to be effective from only the vendor’s side into their dashboard to use. Since it is completely clear and open to the users and vendors while registering that all the data shared is for their own benefit and their approval is taken at the same time, we believe in complete transparency and proceeding in every legal manner possible.


What happens when the data given to is not correct or incomplete data is given or you refuse to share the data?

In case of users, we request every user to be true to their knowledge and details for the information they fill during registering themselves at the portal However, if the user is found to be entering wrong or conflicting details or someone else’s details, their account may be blocked or terminated on the company’s discretion.

For our users and vendors benefit, we have various levels of registration during which the user can register as a new user with minimum information about them. However, with next steps of registering their details, the user authorizes us to be able to send them offers and/or newsletters based on their preferences and/or the usage or their vehicles.

If any of the user or vendor refuse to enter their data, their profile will show as partial filled or partial pending. In both cases, their authenticity will not increase in comparison to those who have given complete and true information about them. They can however be able to use partial services or complete offers based on their activity yet it will still be pending till they complete their registration with genuine and authentic details about them.


To whom we share or disclose the registered data with and on what grounds?

The data of the User and Vendor is entirely taken for the whole and sole record keeping of ASPI Global Pvt Ltd for verification and information of the registered users. It shall only be used for internal training or development purposes or for fetching the information for allowing them offers or packages based according to their area of registration and any extra offers in the coming times through any third party if at all. As per area of registration, there will be offers on time to time basis which might include promotional offers, festivals offers, client offers etc that might be shared to users/vendors or both. The registered data however is kept safe with careful security and supervision so as to make the right customer get the best offer  suited for them and made accessible as close to them as possible.


Where all your data shared will be shared and why?

All the User’s/Vendor’s data will be saved within the server databases and backups of virtual storage or printout within the safe custody of ASPI GLOBAL Pvt Ltd for the internal customer details and preferences only. As mentioned above in previous points, the data shall not be shared outside the company’s limits at any time or reason. However, the statistics of filtered information may be shared with Promotional companies to create offers and plans for the benefit of the customer which will enable them choose from the best offers available for them according to the information given by them. It can be their preferences, vehicles owned, companies of interest or products of interest or preferences set or search history onto a specific category or multiple categories of their interest. Our team of experts might create analysis time to time based on customer information to enable creating a generic analysis report or information report to show market trends or something more specific or generic according to the user’s interest or/and vendor’s interest.


How do you secure your personal data and which data will be made public?

As we have mentioned above, it is very important for the users and Vendors to feed their correct information during all times. It will only be due to that that we can create a better experience for them at our portal and mobile applications setting their preferences and best suited offers for them. However, if they do not wish to share their information, there are various steps of registration which the user may choose to fill or leave empty. And if the information inserted by the user or the vendor is something they want to get removed, they can simply send a specific email with information to be removed on and our technical team will assist them shortly with the best solutions possible.


Changes and declaration in Privacy Policy?

ASPI GLOBAL Pvt Ltd is committed to serve its users/Vendors and all Customers with complete respect and integrity. Thus, we will keep updating the privacy policy time to time in order to make sure our users and vendors can develop a never breaking trust on us and we can continue to give them the best of services for a long time to come.


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