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Tigor EV New Launch Of Tata Motor

Tigor EV New Launch Of Tata Motor

India’s biggest electrical car producer Tata Motors recently has launched its new electric car Tigor EV. Tata Motors believes that in the upcoming year the demand for vehicles will increase especially when it comes to the supply of electric vehicles in India which is less now and also the price that can be afforded by average earning people. Presently the whole market is free for Tata Motors to take advantage against the Maruti, Hyundai, and Kia, etc. Shailesh Chandra( the president, passenger vehicle business unit, Tata Motors) said,'' Demand is no longer a problem for us. It was initially when people were not aware of the technology but not anymore. In fact with the announcement of EV policies by various state governments, we have seen demand go up nearly two and a half times in the last two months alone. So we are struggling to supply as nobody could have anticipated that," 

New electric car Tigor EV

People are waiting for the new update of the electric vehicle of Tata Motors that has been introduced currently as Tigor EV. The starting price of the Tigor EV is Rs 11.99 lakh, driving range 306 km/full charge, Max Power 73.75 bhp, Battery TypeLithium-ion,  etc.

Comparison of Tigor EV and Nexon EV

The price of Tigor EV is at least Rs. 2 Lakh lesser than the Nexon EV. Shailesh Chandra said, "Tigor should do similar if not better than the Nexon EV in the market. That much I am confident of. It is a more affordable vehicle than the Nexon while giving a similar kind of performance and driving range. It is going to be a force multiplier for EVs,"

Growth in EV In 2021

The growth rate of electrical vehicles in 2021 will increase rapidly because the demand for auto motors is at its peak now and the official of Tata Motors confirmed it as well because the standard of the Indian people is going to be increased and their income also. In the financial year 2021, sales of the electrical vehicle, for example, the Nexon EV holds a 71 percent share in the EV market in India. MG ZS EV emerged as the second bestseller in the country with 250-unit sales in June 2021 as compared to 102-unit sales in May 2021, registering a growth of 145 percent.