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Ford India Factories Closed For Manufacturing Vehicles

Ford India Factories Closed For Manufacturing Vehicles

The Ford Figo was introduced in September 2009 in Delhi and the name "Figo" is a colloquial Italian word meaning "cool". Its concept was the same as the Ford Fiesta. When we talk about the Ford Freestyle was introduced in India on April 26, 2018. Unfortunately, both the plant in India of these two cars are now going to be closed because of the very less demand in the market and even the top management has told to the employees that due to less production in Ford India manufacturing factories, we are unable to continue these two plant as the result of which the plant will ramp down. Ford India Manufacturing Factories have borne the approx $2 billion accumulated loss in production of manufacturing units and their volumes. Us carmaker Ford Motor Company's Indian subsidiary held a town hall meeting for its employees to announce its plan to stop manufacturing operations in India. Over 4000 employees will be impacted as Ford will cease to be a mass-market brand in the country. It seems that they have followed the path of General Motors, which exited India in 2017.

Ford India Manufacturing Factories

Ford India Manufacturing Factories of mass production units of Ford Figo and Ford Freestyle have been shut down due to the struggle of weak domestic volumes and falling exports but there is one production factory which is the Sanand Plant in Gujarat will continue to provide its services in India. Officials said we would continue to sell Ford Mustang and Ford Endeavour in India. Sanand Plant is also operating at less than 10% capacity and may be shut down while the Chennai plant may continue to make cars until 2022 for serving the pending global orders and the consolidated Indian operation.

As of now, the company will continue to stay in India with niche models with completely knocked down or completely built cars. It will continue to serve the existing customers.