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Uber has launched corporate Shuttle Service

Uber has launched corporate Shuttle Service

On Wednesday, Uber has announced to launch Uber Corporate Shuttle which helps the company to provide facilities to employees to make sure that they are safe in this pandemic. Service will be provided in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru at an affordable price. Uber has provided these services because employees are not able to come to their company at right time to take care of all safety measures even the working process of the company is affecting because of this pandemic.

"This is the first product from Uber's High Capacity Vehicles program to be launched in India which has been specifically developed keeping in mind the unique challenges faced by office-goers in India and other emerging markets," officials said.

This kind of facility was launched in 2014 for business platforms that brought uber’s innovations at a global scale. It has helped the employees to increase their productivity and enhance customer experiences for more than 1.5 lakhs across the world.

Facilities In Uber

Uber corporate shuttle is a customized commute service for companies that offers a seating capacity of between 10-50 employees in a single vehicle. Now, organizations can start their functions on the company’s premises. It also will save the space of the company as they no need to make extra space for parking as an employee now can go incorporate shuttle. We know the pollution of India; this corporate facility will help us to control the pollution by giving up using cars. It will also reduce the congestion and emissions in cities.

Statement of Abhinav

Abhinav Mittoo, Business Head India and South Asia of Uber said, “At Uber, we are focused on meeting the changing needs of our customers. Uber Corporate Shuttle helps companies put their employees first. They get to and from work safely, without the stress of traffic jams, the expense of parking, and car maintenance."

This will surely help all the people to get in company with no fear at right time with all safety precautions.