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Tata Power Plans-10,000 Charging Stations in 5 Years

Tata Power Plans-10,000 Charging Stations in 5 Years

There is no introduction needed for Tata Power as it always works towards India's well being. Now, Tata Power plans to manufacture 10,000 charging stations in 5 years. When we talk about India, at present, we have over 70,000 fuel pumps that form the foundation of the country's mobility sector. There is no clear answer that how many charging stations we need in India but Tata Power is taking steps to mobilize and utilize the future demand of charging stations.

Praveer Sinha, CEO and managing director, Tata Power said, "We should not look at the number of petrol pumps in the country today to try and speculate how many charging stations we would need. Unlike in the case of internal combustion engines where vehicles can only be refilled in petrol pumps, in electric vehicles, home charging will be highly prevalent. Not everybody would be dependent on public charging on a regular basis."

What is the Current Status of Tata Power?

At present, the company has set up 961 charging stations in the country. These are having a mix of 250 slow AC charging points of 7-11 KW, 523 fast DC charging points of 15-30 KW capacity and further 188 high capacity chargers of 50 KW and above. By the end of this fiscal year, we hope that we will be double to 2000 charging stations. The company wants that number to swell (Increase in amount) five times in 5 years.

Praveer Sinha, said, “We are at over 900 charging stations now and by the end of this fiscal we should cross 2000. Over the medium term in the next 5 years, we are targeting 10,000 charging stations."

What is the Future Perspective of Tata Power?

Indicating the future perspective, Praveer Sinha, said, "If you ask me, I can see that the customer is ready. Or at the very least he is somewhat willing to look at an EV now. What constrains us is the lack of options."

Further, he said, "We are open to looking at all options including battery swapping stations. Whatever helps develop this sector. In charging stations too we are looking at adding fast chargers. Currently, we have some 50 KW DC fast chargers but we can go up to 200 KW chargers if there is demand and business viability for it."