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HPCL Aiming To Build 5000 EV Charging Station

HPCL Aiming To Build 5000 EV Charging Station

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is a subsidiary of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has a 25% market share in India among public sector undertakings (PSUs) coupled with a strong marketing infrastructure.

HPCL has proved itself from time to time to contribute its efforts to the Indian economy and its presence in all leading products and services. Now, HPCL is planning to build 5000 electric vehicles (EV) charging stations in three years so that India can adopt electric vehicles easily with no problem with charging stations. In recent years, the production of electric vehicles has taken its peak and every big brand is now doing mass production of electric vehicles.

 Indian automobile industry wants to run in this race of electric vehicles. This will create a healthy environment for the company to engage in electric vehicles with no problem of charging stations. At present, 19000 fuel retail outlets are having in the country and 85 EV charging stations. The most focused areas are high traffic routes like Delhi-Chandigarh or Bombay-Pune because these are the high EV potential cities. Two and four-wheeler repair shops of electric vehicles will be constructed soon as the demand for electric vehicles will increase.  

Statement of Chairman

M K Surana, chairman and managing director of HPCL, said,” “We have to future-proof ourselves. Chemicals, biofuels, EVs, hydrogen are going to be the next growth drivers. “EV penetration may take some time to come. But when it comes, we want to be ready.”

“We want to offer every energy source at our outlet that a vehicle owner may need so that if a customer wants to get his electric vehicle charged, he should be able to do it at our outlet,” he said.

Further, he said,” We will initially be in areas where citizens are more conscious about air pollution and where governments are more supportive of EVs.”

India is ready now to embrace the huge presence of electric vehicles.