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Pure EV Electric Scooter Caught Fire and Shocked Everyone In Automobile Industry

Pure EV Electric Scooter Caught Fire and Shocked Everyone In Automobile Industry

In the late afternoon on Tuesday on social media, there was a 2 minutes video of a blue colour ePluto electric scooter on fire in Hyderabad.  Just after this incident, the video of the fired scooter went viral. It was everywhere on social media in Hyderabad. The incident went more serious when another video came in which a silver colour scooter caught the fire. These two viral videos made everyone shocked.

Associate Director for powertrain and compliance forecasts Suraj Ghosh at IHS Markit said,” mostly automotive companies get into tie-ups with battery makers but due to lack of scale in safety measures in India, it is mostly a supplier and importer involvement here. The difference between the two is that supplier is direct and tighter control over quality and safety can be exercised.”

Further, He added, “In the Indian EV segment there is a lot of dependence on imports especially for batteries so a mechanism needs to be put in place so that safety-related incidents can be avoided or reduced. The safety concerns are more in the two-wheeler category as it’s dense with new companies that may not have the purchasing capacity or the access to high-grade batteries from credible suppliers, but have to face cost pressure to qualify for the FAME and other state-level incentives and be competitive. "

Why has it happened?

An unfortunate incident has happened recently in Hyderabad where electric scooters fired on the road. That electric scooter was built by Pure EV, a two-year-old startup that was founded in IIT Hyderabad.

In the video, it shows huge amounts of smoke billowing from beneath the seat for about a minute before intermittent bursts of fire. It was a scary sight.

After this, people have engaged in the discussion to find the reason for it. Well, there are many reasons that a vehicle suddenly involves a fire. Expert says that when a company used a lower number of moving parts in production and a non-efficient battery management system is there in manufacturing vehicle parts, these scary conditions occur.

Director of EV startup Power Global remarks

News has spread everywhere on social media and all related people are giving their views on this deadly incident. Meanwhile, Pankaj Dubey, co-founder and director of EV startup Power Global, said,” Lithium-ion batteries manufactured by lead-acid manufacturers or with little experience is like setting up gas stations without expertise of technology.”

Ravi Bhatia, President of Jato Dynamics, said, "The key is to ensure the robustness of design and construction and not trading it off for cost. Rushing to grow the market will lead to risk. Regulations must be established."