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Government Has Approved Land At The Lowest Concessional Rate For Promoting Electric Vehicles

Government Has Approved Land At The Lowest Concessional Rate For Promoting Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are rapidly taking their positions in the whole world. India is a fast-growing country and ready to accept the new changes and challenges happening in the world. India has taken its participation in electric vehicles and every big firm is engaging in mass production. Rajasthan government has taken the initiative for giving the land at the cheapest price. The department which will allot the land at a concessional rate is the urban development and housing (UDH) department. The Urban Development & Housing (UDH) Department of Rajasthan is committed to the systematic planning and development of cities. As urbanization is taking place rapidly in Rajasthan, its main motto is to make cities living that could become centers of growth. An official said, "The land at concessional rates will be given to applicants whose applications will reach the urban local bodies of the district concerned through Renewable Energy Corporation. These urban bodies will prepare a proposal for allotment of land and send it to the state government".

Chief minister Ashok Gehlot announced in the budget speech of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy, 2019 and Rajasthan Wind and Hybrid Energy Policy-2019 that government will have provision to allot land on the concessional rates are made under these policies.

What is the concessional rate?

Urban Development & Housing (UDH) Department of Rajasthan after receiving the order from the government dated September 28, will allow the land at 50% concession for the first 500 renewable energy-based EV charging stations installed within five years.

While having the basic calculation about the land, it states that for slow charging stations in urban limits minimum of 800 square feet of land is required where at least 10 vehicles can be charged at a given time. Similarly, fast-charging stations require a set-up on a minimum of 460 square feet of land where it can have a capacity of six vehicles.

What action has been taken by JDA?

The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has invited expression of interest (EOI) from private companies to install, operate and maintain charging stations for electric vehicles in the city. The civic body has found around 75 locations for electric vehicles stations. To identify the queries of the investors, the JDA organized the meeting in which investors have been asked to submit the EOI on October 28.