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Ford Is Disrespecting Employees

Ford Is Disrespecting Employees

Ford is one of the leading brands in the world and everyone respects ford for its nature and quality products. As we got this sad news that ford has closed its two plants in Gujarat the Ford Figo and the ford freestyle. Ford has given the reason that we are not getting any demand in the market and we were unable to operate our function of production. Even company has mentioned that approx $2 billion accumulated loss in manufacturing and production, the company is suffering. Over 4000 employees lost their jobs in Ford. Moreover, Sanand Plant is also operating at less than 10% capacity and may be shut down while the Chennai plant may continue to make cars until 2022 for serving the pending global orders and the consolidated Indian operation. 

Why workers are protesting?

Workers are the backbone of the entire organization because no company can think about its growth without mass production. Manufacturing and production are the major factors that decide the development of any company.

Closing the Sanand plants impacts the lives of workers and they are protesting against the shutdown of plants. Ford is not doing good with the workers as they have spent entire life to the ford just because plants have closed it does not mean that they will not give them the other jobs one of the workers said. The blue-uniformed workers protested against this decision as to provide us the job in the same plants or provide us the new jobs.

Ford Workers opinion 

Anil Singh Jhala, one of the workers, said, “After working here for seven years, I am suddenly being told I do not have a job. What is my future?" 

Further, he said, “Our demand before the company and the government is that the plant should not be shut. If the plant is going to be shut, our request to the government is that when any other plant comes up here, we should get priority for jobs there at the same wage."

Spokesperson of Ford said,” "We will be working with the unions and other stakeholders on measures to help balance the impact and to care for those directly affected by the restructuring,"