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Flex-Fuel Engines Are Mandatory for Vehicle Manufactures-U.M. Gadkari

Flex-Fuel Engines Are Mandatory for Vehicle Manufactures-U.M. Gadkari

On Thursday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari declared, “the production of flex-fuel engines is mandatory for all vehicle manufactures after getting permission from the Supreme Court”. Nitin Gadkari announced it in the annual session of industry body PHDCCI (The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and further said that the government is working to develop an ethanol economy.

The minister cited examples of Brazil, Canada and the USA, where most automobile companies manufacture flex-fuel engines vehicles. Minister suggested that the military should ban the use of diesel engine vehicles and use trucks that run on LNG (Liquefied natural gas is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state, at about -260° Fahrenheit), CNG and ethanol (is a volatile, flammable, colourless liquid with a characteristic wine-like odor and pungent taste).

“450 factories have shown interest in manufacturing ethanol. The government is working to make the automobile industry  Rs 15-lakh-crore worth industry that will offer additional employment to around 1 crore people in India” he added.

What is Flex-Fuel?

Flex-fuel, or flexible fuel, is an alternative fuel made of a combination of gasoline and methanol (the primary alcohol that is the simplest aliphatic alcohol) or ethanol. The minister denoted that ethanol is much cheaper than petrol and diesel. Flex-fuel vehicles are those that have internal combustion engines designed to run on more than one type of fuel. Flex-fuel releases fewer greenhouse gases that make it a more environmentally friendly option than traditional gasoline. Flex-fuel vehicles run on ethanol, which is sustainably produced from ingredients such as cane sugar and corn.

The Steps Have Been Taken By Government

"We have submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court. When we get the permission of the Supreme Court, then we will make it mandatory for all vehicle manufacturers to make flex-fuel engines," Gadkari added.