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Audi Has Restarted Making Qs in India Again

Audi Has Restarted Making Qs in India Again

German Carmaker Audi restarts its Q series in India again after a gap of nearly two years. Audi has made its wonderful decision on making local assembly of its SUV range. It is estimated that company will be developed the model such as Q5 and Q7 very soon.

The word Q denotes Quattro (is the Italian word to define the number four), which is Audi’s all-wheel, drive system. 

In 2007, the company had originally started its debut in India and got the popularity of the Q series of SUVs. Although it has faced tough competition from compatriots Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the past few years as a result it loses its presence in the market. Now, Audi with its new Qs will spot its marvellous presence gain in India.

Audi India head Balbir Dhillon told,” it’s time we start making the Qs in India again. Production starts next month as we also start work to get the popular Q5, Q7, Q3 and other SUVs back to India,”

Why did Audi stop its Qs in India?

The reason for Audi discontinuation of its Q series in India was preparing to transition to BS6 emission norms from April 2020, and the company discontinued the sale of diesel engine models. Moreover, the sales units of Audi have been decreased from 10000 units to a few thousand units. Balbir Dhillon said that we would see the fresh business plant and focus on sustainable technologies including electrics vehicles.

Bounce Back-Audi Qs in India!

Balbir Dhillon said, “Electrics are going to be a major focus for Audi in India,”

The market of electric vehicles will be omnipresent all over the world as each and every company is focusing on electric vehicles and showing their efforts for environmental safety.