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Are You Ready to Celebrate This Festive Season with AMO?

Are You Ready to Celebrate This Festive Season with AMO?

AMO Mobility Solutions is a company committed to providing sustainable electric transport solutions. It’s providing class-leading technology and products that deliver on every consumer demand. All this is done while keeping the cost in check. The company is adhered to the highest global standards and is in step with the latest developments in this dynamic sector.

AMO manufactures its products to keep in view that our products must be based on the most cutting-edge technological platforms. Its products are eco-friendly which produces zero emission scooters, customer-oriented that keeps the comfort and enjoyable riding and economical that take care of your pockets etc.

This festive season AMO Electric Bikes is expecting to sell 3000 units and forecasting a 350% year-on-year growth that is remarkable as the company is working towards advanced and eco-friendly technology. The company is targeting mainly the sale of Jaunty and Inspirer.

Electric scooter Jaunty is a perfect blend of style and character with a high range distance of 75Km/100Km+ per charge that helps you to decrease any anxiety while riding. It is powered by a 249 Watt electric motor that ensures the speed of vehicle is under control. It is a pollution free smart charging scooter that looks super cool and modern with its excellent metallic body graphics, which strengthens the sporty look.

Inspirer electric vehicle is a multi-potential and multifunctional electric scooter. It is built for people who live in a traffic area and face daily hassles reaching destination in time. It is for the business class who runs their businesses on wheels. This electric vehicle comes with high-performance alloy wheels. The Efficient Water Proof Motor also enhances the maintenance of the EV.

What is the Aim of AMO in India?

Sushant Kumar, founder and MD, AMO Electric, said, “We are moving forward with the positive market sentiments and are confident of robust sales momentum in the upcoming festival season. Jaunty accounts for roughly 70% of total sales and is the fastest-growing at rates of over 300%. Inspirer makes up 30% of overall growth numbers. In addition, we are also on an expansion spree as we have already started expanding in the southern and northeast region of India”.

What are the Prices of Jaunty and Inspirer?

AMO Jaunty and Inspirer are priced at Rs 61,500 and Rs 54,200 (ex-showroom) respectively. They offer a range of up to 100 kilometres against a single charge and the battery can be replenished in under 6 hours.