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 RTO (Regional Transport Office) has asked the dealers to provide 2 helmets per 2 wheeler purchase

RTO (Regional Transport Office) has asked the dealers to provide 2 helmets per 2 wheeler purchase

Other than the bills, the RTOs are also taking an undertaking from the two-wheeler buyers that they are receiving two helmets per two-wheeler purchase. As per the high court orders, the two regional transport offices only registering two-wheeler vehicles only if the dealer is providing two helmets to their customers.

 2 HELMETS per 2 wheeler purchase

Mr. Atul Adey Deputy RTO said that city RTO Dinkar Manwar has issued a general notification and also directed all the twenty automobile dealers in the city that they must provide two protective headgears to the customers at the time of delivery of the vehicle.

Apart from the orders given by High Court, the city RTO has also praised the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, section 138 (4)(f) which states that, at the time of the purchase of two wheeler, the manufacturer shall provide a protective head gear or helmets with the confirmation of specifications provided by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986 (63), provided that the conditions shall not apply to the category to the person exempted in the terms of Section 129 and the Rules made there under by the concern of state governments.

Mr. Nikhil Kusumgar, one of the two-wheeler dealers said that following high court’s directions, all the dealers inside the town are mandatorily providing BIS headgears to the customers. He admitted that many customers were looking to confront the choice by saying that they have already got helmets however he said that he has rejected such controversy and/or rumors spread in the market.

The deputy RTO said that their motor vehicle inspectors (MVIs) and assistant motor vehicle inspectors (AMVIs) too are cross-checking the bills of every customer that they were given protective headgears other than asking them to offer an undertaking about receiving helmets with the purchase of the vehicle. Mr. Manwar has issued instructions to all AMVIs and MVIs registering new vehicles to strictly comply with the guideline.

Mr. Gajanan Pande, Organizing Secretary of Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat, Vidarbha Chapter said that the order is a welcome move however at the same time, the high court must ask enforcement agencies such as RTO and traffic police to ensure that the commuters, rider, and co-rider should wear helmets. The new bill also covered the orders in which newly purchased two wheelers will cover the costs of new helmets.