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NHAI has collected a huge amount, about Rs. 20 Crores from 18 L defaulters entering the FASTag lanes

NHAI has collected a huge amount, about Rs. 20 Crores from 18 L defaulters entering the FASTag lanes

The Government of India has already mandated the FASTags for the vehicles that are commuting from the national highways all over the country. The FASTag was mandated from 1st of December 2019 which then further extended by 31st January 2020.

The penalty was also proposed to those commuters who enter in the FASTag lane without any FASTag sticker on their windscreen. In order to give importance to the existing FASTag users, defaulters who do not have FASTag on their vehicle windshield and entering the FASTag lanes are being penalized and have been charged the double amount of the toll fees.

One of the officials at NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) said that they have collected Rs. 20 Crores from 18 Lakh defaulter commuters who entered the FASTag lanes at the electronic toll plazas on National Highways without having the FASTags on the windscreen of their vehicles.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had said that as per the electric toll collection programme across the country that was proposed in December 2019, double toll charges would be collected from the vehicles entering FASTag lanes without having the tag.

NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) added that till now a number of 18 Lakh vehicles who are defaulted by breaching the FASTag lane procedure across the country have resulted in a double charge cash collection of about Rs. 20 Crores.

FASTags based on RFID which is an electric toll collection system that was implemented by the NHAI has proved to be instrumental in easing the lives of commuters on national highways within the two months of its implementation across the country.

NHAI has been observing the increased rate of sales in FASTags which is a clear indication that this digital system is being accepted well and over 1.55 Crores FASTags have already been issued through multiple POS (Point of Sale) locations and as a result, FASTag transactions has crossed a landmark count of 4 million per day.

NHAI also added that the implementation of FASTags throughout the country has met with the desired reaction so far, adding the adoption of FASTags also means that it has brought in the much-needed transparency in the collection at toll booths.

In order to increase the digital collection of the user fee from FASTag at national highways, NHAI has recently waived off the cost of FASTag of Rs. 100 from 15th Feb 2020 which will be valid through 29th Feb 2020, within which any road user can visit the authorized physical POS locations with a valid RC (Registration Certificate) and get free of cost NHAI FASTag.