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Hyundai initiate to bring mobile vans and bikes for rural car servicing

Hyundai initiate to bring mobile vans and bikes for rural car servicing

Good news for rural areas where car servicing is not yet extended. Hyundai Motor India has taken an initiative where they are planning to bring mobile vans and bikes for rural car servicing markets. Hyundai Motors India is aiming to present about 50 mobile vans and around 500 bikes to provide better mobility solutions as car servicing initiatives for its rural customers.

Mr. S Punnaivanam, National Service Head of Hyundai Motors India said that the company is aiming with a target to increase the company’s share in the customers’ visits at the rural service outlets from the last years’ share of 22% to 30% by the end of this year.

Hyundai Motors India also claims that the service rates in the rural market are the lowest in its segment of car service costs. Mr. Punnaivanam added that they are seeing the communication as the key factor for the rural customer growth and they are planning to take the current count of 387 service points to increase the number by 424 by the end of December 2020. They are focusing majorly on the Tier-4 town in the states of Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh.

Hyundai Motors India is also organizing Happiness Camp which is a week-long camp starting from today targeting 200 rural towns across the country. They are looking for a growth of 11% in customer visits during this camp.

The customers will be offered free car care check-ups which include exterior treatment, interior cleaning, top dry wash, underbody coating, and many more services as a part of this initiative. Also for the existing customers, the company will offer an overall discount of 30% along with the 5% extra discount on the spare parts for older than 5 years vehicles.

With this initiative, Hyundai Motors India is aiming to get the overall satisfaction of the customers by expanding its after-sales services to rural areas so that customers will get the best service experience.