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China Shutdown can make automakers to seek extension of BS4 deadline

China Shutdown can make automakers to seek extension of BS4 deadline

A top official of M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra) said that a relaxation in the deadline to register BS-4 vehicles may be seen from the Apex Court if the critical components of the automobile from China do not arrive on time due to the various reasons including Coronavirus outbreak.

Various parts that are fitted in the vehicles made in India are imported from various foreign lands including China. Disruption to the Chinese manufacturing industry has got several automakers concerned because even though the maximum of the parts is available, the lack of some essential components can throw the entire manufacturing line into jeopardy.

Companies that have been still manufacturing BS-IV emission norms compliant vehicles have discovered themselves in a fix since these vehicles can't be registered in India post 31st March 2020 when the BS-VI norms become effective and most parts for those vehicles have already been sourced.

Mr. Pawan Goenka, the Managing Director at M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra) said that if they are not able to get these components and parts till the end of February 2020, then it would be too tough for them to make, transport and to retail the vehicles.

Mr. Goenka added that they would have to appeal the honorable Supreme Court of India that this is a forced measure that they had no control over and they should be given a little extra time to sell their vehicles.

Mr. Goenka also said that the call for whether to make such an appeal would not be made for at least two weeks from now. He added that “they have approximately six to seven weeks by which they have to manufacture all the BS4 vehicles and sell them and they are not concerned about the BS6 delay because that simply means a delay, we can make those vehicles sometime later.

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