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Tata Motors revealed new concept of Sierra- a Futuristic concept SUV

Tata Motors revealed new concept of Sierra- a Futuristic concept SUV

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturing company has unveiled its new concept SUV, Tata Sierra which is a next-level SUV and the interesting thing is that it is an electric version SUV.

Sierra has a long history in Indian Automobile Market. It has been one of the most outstanding SUV ever made by the home automaker in India. Sierra is now reborn with a new concept from Tata Motors which has been unveiled in Auto Expo 2020. Sierra is unveiled in Electric Avtar SUV which is the next-generation concept ever revealed in India.

Sierra also comes in another variant of SUV which is Jimny SUV that was unveiled on 8th Feb 2020 in Auto Expo 2020. Maruti Suzuki has tested India waters for its successful off-roader and discerning Indian customers.

One of the officials at Tata Motors said that debuting of Sierra, a way back in the year 1991, Sierra was the first world-class vehicle forming from Tata Motors and that was a way ahead of its times. SUV with two doors concept and curved fixed glass windows on the rear made it to the most outstanding design ever made in that era. This concept is something that has never been made before or even attempted by any automaker and it will remain the best production design ever by an Indian Automaker.

Tata Sierra is something which one can’t imagine without seeing it live. The new concept SUV has a 360° revolving front seat which is unique and one of its kind. It also has spacious legroom in the cabins and rear seats will look like a sofa seat which made it luxurious.

New Tata Sierra Concept will also be having a next-level dashboard which is also one of its kinds and one can see the non-rounded steering wheel in it. Indian Automobile Market may see this concept in the future but one cannot expect when? This is a question for Tata Motors that when the new concept Sierra will be launched in India.

Apart from that, Jimny Sierra comes with its legacy. While running to its fourth generation, Sierra has come with its new attaché with Jimny as a distinct branding to these all-terrain vehicles. Maruti has brought the Japan model of Suzuki Jimny, which carries an off-road legacy over 50 Years, catering to the customers worldwide.

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