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Transport Commissioner mandates installing rooftop indicators for “Kaali-Peeli” Taxis- Mumbai

Transport Commissioner mandates installing rooftop indicators for “Kaali-Peeli” Taxis- Mumbai

Mr. Shekhar Channe, Transport Commissioner of Mumbai said that from 1st Feb, all old “Kaali-Peeli” taxis must install the rooftop indicators with color codes, so that riders will come to know whether the taxi is “occupied”, “available” or driver is “off-duty”. The main objective to mandate the rooftop indicators is to tackle with the refusal of rides while maintaining the discipline among the cab/taxi drivers.

The rooftop indicators will have three options with color codes, which helps the riders to identify whether the cab/taxi is occupied or available for ride or driver is off-duty. The color codes define the indicators as Green for Available, Red for Occupied and White for Off-Duty. The indicators will also have the “For Hire”, “Hired” or “Off-Duty” in both English and Marathi Language.

Mr. Channe added that, “We have scheduled a meeting with the vehicle rooftop indicators manufacturers and Taxi Union Leaders on 15th Jan 2020 with an agenda to discuss the pricing of rooftop indicators and also to ensure that rooftop indicators are installed in Feb.”

Mr. GR Vora, Transport expert said that the system of placing rooftop indicators will be effective as drivers will have to be honest with commuters. If a driver has put the green light on which means that the driver is available to take a ride and refuses to commute thereafter, then the rider/commuter can lodge the complaint against him and the driver can be punished.

Punishment: Driver’s license can be suspended, if he refuses to take the ride indicating green indicator.

Mumbai Autorikshaw Union said “Rooftop indicator will cause damage to the vehicle. He also suggested placing a small indicator on the windscreen”.

Mumbai Taximen Union said “State should release the funds or highly subsidized the cost of rooftop indicators.

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