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The NCR has Volttic Electric Charging Station at Gurgaon

The NCR has Volttic Electric Charging Station at Gurgaon

After lots of Chit-Chats about the cross border smoky affairs, something delighting have cropped up. It is the Gurgaon’s Electric infrastructure set-up by Volttic.

After Smokes Gurgaon lightens with Electric Charge Station

This may be the first innovative news floating in & around the NCR after masking and political affairs.  The MD & CEO at Volttic Electric Charging Station, Mr. Varun Chaturvedi has worded the pride of his company on Linked-in.  He started, contending the company’s achievement about installation of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Gurgaon, he adds a medal of earning client’s faith, the second time and further elaborates about their mission on Zero-emission points it as the key-objective of his company’s ensuring consistency with the same. Changes, Revolution, Transformation, all these not like building Rome in a day rather it warrants high investments which are pooled from the stake-holders and is a time consuming task. Aligning on the same note, he conveyed the actual ground reality in the installation of E-Charging Stations. The versatile CEO described the situational-feel of having sides interchanged just for a fraction of second. ‘To-be patient’ & “Sharing-Shoes” would be assumed as the silent message which the MD & CEO intended to convey. Mr. Chaturvedi and Shweta Chaturvedi are the Directors of the Volttic.

 Electrical Vehicle Charging Station’s Infrastructural set-up is newest task that has limited time-frame, with no past history, hence references would be out of question and the existence of skilled personnel’s would be like tracing a needle from a hay-stack.  Thanks to “The Open Charge Map”, the only one to have the exact and the most precise data-base about the count of the Electric Vehicle Charge Stations world-wide, a rare nature of business but valuable. The US and Germany has 21000 & 12000 E-Charging Stations, with 8000, Netherlands falls at the third. Italy has the least, 4000 only, while the United Kingdom takes the second last position with 7000 charged E-points. The above surveyed report throws a light about the outstanding achievement of Volttic.

Volttic focuses to curtain down the carbon emission by adopting battery driven vehicles. The choice, which has now become the need, of having electric vehicles is the best remedy to eliminate the pollution havoc and reduce the country’s burden on fuel imports. It expertise in facilitating all kinds of electric vehicle charging station solution in India, including home too. The CMS and Mobile applications, is cloud-based solution to the Electric Vehicle Charging stations. The Volltic App Volttic app enables the user to locate the nearest EV Charging station. The Volttic maintains high stands in the Automatics & Robust domain. It prides to be facilitated with the latest powered electric chargers like CSS (Combined Charging System) and opts for the quick charging methods, CHAdeMO & is compliant with the Chinese Guobiao standards too. The Volttians promotes the green technology and in adoption of RE vehicles revolutionizing the Globe.