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Lucky-7 to contest the Australian “Car of the Year Award”   Winner announcement on 6’TH Dec 2019

Lucky-7 to contest the Australian “Car of the Year Award” Winner announcement on 6’TH Dec 2019

This year, Australian’s Car of the Year Awards has 7 car brands qualifying to the finale round and the winner of which, shall be announced on December, the 6’Th, 2019. 

Lucky-7 Shortlisted for Aussie Car Of The Year Award

The Hyundai’s i-30N was the winner of 2018 Car Award, with Skoda and Volkswagen booked 2017 and 2016. The Holden Commodore was announced as the best Car of year in the 1997, the very first year of this Australian Car-Event. It is a mid-large sedan sold first in 1978 and were manufactured till 2017 and 1990 in Australia & New Zealand.

Every country differs in language, Cultures and even the governing norms, in similarity, so does the judgment criteria. Something or anything has particular and indeed different parameters of choosing the best. The Aussies too have something like that when it comes to 4-wheelers. Each categories needs to suffice 3 models, out of which one shall be selected and shall be elevated to the grand finale to compete the Car of the Year Award, and the winner would be declared on 6’TH December 2019.

The first utmost eligibility criteria almost halves the participants, as only those car brands which are not old than 12 months are only considered in this play. The second is the categorical requirement, which is 7 and in each there shall be three cars, out of which only one would be picked for the finale.

Small car, Family, Performance, Small SUV, Medium SUV, Large SUV and finally the Ute, are the 7 categorical selections and the lucky 7 have made it to this level. Boot spaced with 295 liters, powered at 110 kW, the Mazda3 G20 occupies the Small-Car category. The 5-seater Horse-powered at 190, with 1998 CC is the choice of the Australian families and is preferred the most desired Family Car. Mazda3 G20 and Mitsubishi Triton GLS Premium made it under the Small Car and Ute. While, the BMW 330i is sheltered under the Family segment tagging Toyota’s Supra in the Performance category. Kia’s-Seltos Sport Plus and Toyota’s RAV4 GXL Hybrid flags as Small and Medium SUVs.  The Touareg, a brand of Volkswagen is signature under the Large-SUV segment. Available with 3 engine options 1.5-litres petrol, VGT-diesel and 1.4-litre Turbo-GDI and length of 4315mm, width of 1800mm and a wheelbase of 2610mm, Kia Seltos-sports Plus rules the Small Suv category. Known better by the slogan Engineered beyond touch, the Coupe Utility, Mitsubishi Triton GLS premium rests on UTE categorized bed. The 3 L, 6-cylindered turbo charged engine that gallops at a 335 power and pounding with 365 torque, the Toyota Supra GTS is Performance stabled. Having a boot-spacing of 810L, measuring a 1984 millimeters with 16 cms sliding rear-seats and 20 cms ground clearance, Volkswagen signatures as the be-fitting contenders in the Large-SUV segment.

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