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No information about NANO Cars Manufactured or Not : said GUJARAT CM

No information about NANO Cars Manufactured or Not : said GUJARAT CM


As per the State Assembly data tabled during the budget session- In last past year TATA MOTORS manufactured Only 613 Nano Cars at its plant in SANAND.

Government of Gujarat has no complete information about the manufacturing of NANO Cars even doesn’t have know when TATA MOTORS has stopped Nano Manufacturing or reducing the Quantity.

The Gujarat Government aware when It was posted by congress MLA Rurvik Makwana in a written response who asked : if the government was aware of the information about the TATA MOTORS had stopped Manufacturing of Nano Cars,

CM Vijay rupani replied – The government does not have any idea whether Tata Motors Stopped Producing Nano Car.

In 2nd Question asked- if the state government has initiated any action for breach of agreement, Rupani replied, “.. does not apply”.

 Makwana  Claimed: “Despite Tata motors not producing Nano cars as promised, the  government has continued providing financial benefits to the company. The government needs to recover the incentives offered.”

As per the Old Information From TATA Motors –In the Past 2 years  the company Manufactured only 2059 cars.  From June 2017 to May 2018 they have produced 1446 Cars and from june 2018 to may 2019 they have produced 613 Cars Only.

So here the clearity about the data records of Nano Cars.