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In Chennai, the rule of Helmets for both riders is not implemented by the people, but the same rule is followed by the Delhi and Bangalore Public. This Question is asked by the Madras High court.

Justice S Manikumar and Justice Subramonium Prasad Observed that they have not seen a single rider with helmets,why???

On Thursday, it is Observed by the Madras Highcourt,Kk rajendran seeking to compulsory the helmet wearing rule for both rider & pillion should be implemented.

They have decided,to take action against the violators by imposing Heavy penalty.

For this, Advocate General Aravind Pandian also said that , according to the Motor Vehicle act,Only Rs.100 should be charged for the Penalty .

In the form of vehicles, the first bench of the court has already given the proper instructions for applying vehicles for violation of the helmet rule. The Additional Advocate General said that such vehicles are returned to the production of new helmets with the bill.

Giving the presentations, the bench instructed the officials to strictly enforce the order of First Bench to implement strict vigilance vehicles and postpone the petition for further hearing till June 12.

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