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BMW and Jaguar Land Rover jointly develop electric car components

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover have to be involved in developing electric car technology

BMW said on Wednesday that they will develop of its next-generation electric motors, transmission, and power electronics with Jaguar Land Rover, thereby unveiling another industry alliance ready to reduce the cost of electric cars.

Klaus Froelich, a member of the BMW board, said, "Together, we have an opportunity to reduce the time of development and to meet the needs of customers more effectively to bring vehicles and state-of-the-art technologies to market."

**BMW and Jaguar Land Rover said they will save costs through shared development, production planning and joint purchase.

**BMW said that both companies will produce electric drive trains in their manufacturing facilities.

Nick Rogers, Engineering Director of Jaguar Land Rover, said, "We have proven that we can build the beating electric cars to the world, but now we have the technology to support next-generation Jaguar and Land Rover products. Need to create a scale. "                             source - eta

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