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Electric buses are more cost effective according to the study

Electric buses are more cost effective according to the study

"Electric buses are environment-friendly compared to electric buses," scholars said. Pune Mahanagar Parwahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) had added 25 electric buses in February this year and its goal was to turn 500 new technology-based fully electric buses into its fleet. Jayewant said that data analysis shows that according to the existing business model, it is feasible to operate electric buses, in comparison with diesel and hybrid buses, with a CPK of Rs 54.23 and 56.07 per kilometer, costs 50.28 rupees per kilometer. Electric buses are environment-friendly compared to electric buses, scholars said. The Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Electric buses are more economically viable for operations in the city than currently operated diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) buses. The institute has researched the economic feasibility of introducing electric buses for public transport in Pune. Of the city's 2,000 buses, about 1200 CNG runs on while the remaining 800 runs on diesel. "Most of the studies done so far have taken into account the indirect viability of health and pollution. Financial viability is an unchanged field to understand economics, "said Suvad Jaiwant, a research scholar of TISS.


Source - ETA

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