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To Improve PUBLIC TRAVEL , GOOGLE MAP is going to introduce new features

To Improve PUBLIC TRAVEL , GOOGLE MAP is going to introduce new features

Ramesh Nagarajan, Product Director, Google Maps, told to TOI that this facility provides users with the best available transportation option by comparing the time required to travel between two points using public trains and buses or combination of available options, including auto. Will allow you to choose

Google Maps is ready to launch three new features starting Tuesday, which will allow Indian users to optimize their travel plans by predicting transit times when using public transport.

"Google Maps has more than a billion users and India is one of the top three countries in terms of transit use. In many ways, India defines the vision of our products as it not only helps users in their country But also helps in design services for other users. In India-specific features can be later extended to other countries.

The first option will allow users to see real-time updates of inter-state trains operated by Indian Railways. It is being launched nationwide and will allow users to see if trains are on time and the exact time is that people will take the time to reach their destination without getting out of the map. At present, there are more than 10,000 routes in the map, for which it can accurately predict the transit time. It will be available on Android and iPhones.

The second feature, launched in 10 cities, will use Live Traffic input, to estimate that users will take the minimum time to travel between two points using public buses. While only the third facility available in Delhi and Bangalore, public transport connects transit time, in which it is best to cover short distances while changing transport equipment. The available options will be between an autorickshaw and walking. Therefore, so far, Google Maps did not have the option to visit the auto rickshaw for the time and rent. Both of these features will be rolled out in Android first.

Source -ETA