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This year BAJAJ AUTO can drive in EVs

New Delhi: Bajaj Auto, a two-wheeler manufacturer, is planning to introduce electric vehicles in the financial year 2019-2020. According to a senior executive of the company, development will be in entire segments.

Bajaj Auto executive director Rakesh Sharma said.

"We are developing prototypes in the Gulf, however, which will come out first is a question that we will soon address. But it should be this year, "

Recently, the company has agreed to develop a normal 48-volt electric two-wheeler platform in the power range 3 to 10 kW for planned serial production in India along with KTM. The serial production will begin at Bajaj's production site in Pune by 2022. The required development budget is included in medium-term plans.

"We are quite keen on electricity. Bajaj official said it is an important development for the future and for learning from this development and preparation.

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