Indian Automobile Industry's  Biggest  Showcase

IIT-Delhi is appearing in the role of international experts for the center of its electric vehicles

IIT-Delhi director V Ramgopal Rao said that he is considering recruiting professionals from the US in the newly formed department with industry experts. "We will send a team to America to recognize these experts and to recruit here to teach here," he told TOI on the launch of the center on Friday.

"This center will see the necessary changes in the future. India will be a major player in e-vehicle space in the coming years. It is important not only for Delhi but for the whole world. We have one-third core faculty, the next one-third will be an assistant faculty of industry affiliation that can share and share the real world problems and solutions, while the remaining affiliates will be from the departments. In the next 10 years, we will need 10 new faculty members."

On November 27 last year, the draft of the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy was started with the aim of ensuring 25% e-vehicles among new registrations by 2023. The AAP government has planned to create an important corpus to encourage every vehicle segment. Its goal is to strengthen the infrastructure for battery charging and swapping within a range of 3 kilometers.

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