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BMW Motorrad launches Race Kit for the S 1000 RR

New Delhi, April 2, 2019: Luxury two-wheeler manufacturer, BMW Motorrad on Monday has launched Race Kit for the S 1000 RR that allows little experienced riders and even those who have just received their motorcycle licenses to turn in good performance on the race track, with the assistance of a number of autonomous riding programs.


The BMW superbike is fitted as standard with sophisticated assist systems like ABS Pro and DTC Dynamic Traction Control, the company said in a statement.

Phillip-Magnus Schalk, Head, Autonomous racing simulation, BMW Motorrad said, “The development of the BMW Motorrad iRace Kits was based on the experience made by our Superbike world champion riders. They provided us with valuable programming data, particularly as far as the braking points were concerned. It is conceivable that we might even integrate the system in other models at some point in the future.”

The technical basis of the BMW Motorrad iRace Kit is a GPS-supported software unit that is able to access all current race tracks in the Superbike world championships. An additional user edge in the TFT display enables the rider of the S 1000 RR to select in advance a particular riding mode for a specific race track, and in so doing programme any lap time of his choice.


A targeted controller for the ABS Pro and DTC assist systems that is exactly coordinated down to an order of milliseconds for the respective track position and surface conditions, in conjunction with the throttle valves and 6-speed gearbox, enable the rider to approach extraordinarily fast lap times within a surprisingly short time.d


There are four riding modes available: Beginner, Sportsman, Advanced and Unlimited. Motorrad iRace Kit will be available from September 2019.

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