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Most Affordable Bugatti Launched; Priced At Rs. 25 Lakh

Mumbai, March 18, 2019  :  Bugatti, the maker of hypercars like the Veyron and the Chiron, has launched its most affordable car priced at $34,000 (around Rs. 25 lakhs). It is not a traditional sports car, instead, it is something which comes in toy sector with its new Bugatti Baby II ride-on electric vehicle. Inspired from the Bugatti Baby I, the toy car can be driven by both kids and adults.

 The Bugatti Baby II is a modernised version of the half-scale Type 35 race car replica that the automaker's founder Ettore Bugatti had built for his son nearly a century ago. While the original Baby I built between 1927 and 1936, was specifically for children, the Baby II is more accommodating and can be driven by adults too thanks to the larger proportions.

The toy car has been powered with an electric motor with two modes - child and adult. The child mode restricts the top speed to 20 kmph with power limited to 1.3 bhp, while the adult mode will let you top it out at 45 kmph.

Even though it is the cheapest offering by Bugatti, it is not the cheapest car. In fact, for those in the US, a couple of extra thousand dollars will get you a Tesla Model 3.

The car is targeted for kids belonging to ultra-rich families and only 500 of these will be made (just like the original).


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