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Ceat Launches new Gripp X3 tyres for motorcycles

Ceat Launches new Gripp X3 tyres for motorcycles

New Delhi, March 1, 2019 : Home grown Tyre maker, CEAT Ltd. has recently launched its new range of Gripp X3 tyres for motorcycles in India. 

These tyres are designed with company's new Dual Compound Technology (DCT) which gives it strong grip while on roads, throughout its lifetime, CEAT said in a release. 

Commenting on the launch, Nitish Bajaj, Senior Vice President (Marketing) said, “Gripp X3, India’s first of its kind tyre maintains the same grip in its entire lifetime, thus guaranteeing safe and comfortable ride to the riders.”

The Dual Compound Technology is developed by CEAT to deal with the problem of tyres losing its grip with aging. This technology guarantee that when the outer layer of tyre is worn out, the internal high strength layer maintains the grip and provides long life to the tyre.

"Two wheeler riders have to deal with potholes, stray animals, careless drivers on Indian roads and driving is a challenge in such circumstances. In such cases it becomes extremely important that the tyre should have excellent grip to prevent slipping on road thereby preventing an accident," the release added.