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Karma Automotive partners with Pininfarina

Karma Automotive partners with Pininfarina

Chennai, January 19, 2019 : Southern California-based Karma Automotive and the iconic Italian luxury design and engineering firm Pininfarina have formed a partnership, Karma CEO Dr Lance Zhou announced yesterday.

The joint effort will unite each partner’s commitment to beautiful luxury automotive design and is a major addition to Karma’s growing list of strategic business partners who will play an important role in Zhou’s ‘Value-Forward’ business plan to help accelerate future technology and product development.

Zhou said, “Our business and product plan are driven in part by collaborating with like-minded and lively partners such as Pininfarina whose design expertise will help us accelerate product development, differentiation, and personalised customisation that allows every Karma to be truly special”. 

“Karma is united in spirit with Pininfarina through our shared commitment to stunning design, and we are excited about the reaction we anticipate the end result of our partnership will generate,” said Lance Zhou.

As part of the Value-Forward business plan, Karma is looking to gain and develop key technologies and partnerships important to connectivity, performance, artificial intelligence, shared mobility platforms and electrification. The goal is to solidify and grow Karma’s place in a unique luxury electric vehicle niche first in the US before expanding to other international markets.