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India should get its first flying car in 2021: PAL-V CEO Robert Dingemanse

Ahmedabad, January 18, 2019 : India should get its first flying car in 2021, Dutch roadable aircraft-maker PAL-V’s CEO Robert Dingemanse said on Thursday on sidelines of Vibrant Gujarat 2019 that kick-starts in Gandhinagar on Friday. “While our car is set for launch in 2020, our entire production for the year is booked. We hope to see India get its first car in 2021,” he said.

The company hopes to find takers among the Indian coast guard, police, medical teams, government agencies, corporates and individuals, he said. “The Indian government seems upbeat about futuristic technology and hopefully, adoption,” he told ET.

“On the production side, we hope to find Indian vendors specialising in automotive and aerospace engineering to start manufacturing here,” he said.

"We seek partnerships to enhance the engineering and software capabilities of our flying car that will be available commercially in 2020,” he said about the futurist car that was showcased in Geneva Motor Show in 2018.

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