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Lightweight bus to be on show at SIAT

Lightweight bus to be on show at SIAT

Pune, January 9, 2019 : The city-based Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) will showcase a lightweight aluminium bus at the Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT), 2019, to be held in the city from January 16 to 18.

ARAI director Rashmi Urdhawareshe said, “The lightweight bus will be better suited to the Indian conditions, be it traffic, fuel or terrain”.

The research agency will also focus on the outcome of its extensive testing on alternative fuels. “We have tested ethanol for 20% blending with existing fuel and the results are very encouraging. There has also been some progress on methanol mixing with fuel and the same shall be announced at the symposium,” said Urdhawareshe.

At the biennial event, ARAI will reveal its plan for the mobility research centre near Talegaon and the National Automotive Technological Museum to be jointly developed with the Pune Municipal Corporation.

SIAT will focus on collaborative research between the industry, the academia and research institutes this year.

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