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Rules for lighter helmets, ban on non-ISI ones soon

Rules for lighter helmets, ban on non-ISI ones soon

Pune, January 5, 2019 :  The Ministry of Road Transport is set to clear helmets that will be lighter and well-ventilated this month. It will also impose a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of helmets that do not comply with the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) standards.

Any person found selling non-standard helmets, without the Bureau of Indian Standards mark in Maharashtra, will face a two-year jail term or a fine of Rs 2 lakh. 

State police officials said as per the new norms, the sale of non-standard helmets will be an offence. “Action will be taken against those who sell such helmets along roadsides and highways in tempos and other such outlets,” a senior police official from the state highways department told TOI.

The new helmets that will hit the market will weigh 1.2 kg instead of the current 1.5 kg. Manufacturers will have to follow the new rules that are expected to be implemented as early as January 15, ministry sources told TOI. Once the new rules are in force, it will make the sale of non-standard helmets an offence.

The huge number of two-wheeler accidents across the country prompted the ministry to form a committee to make lighter helmets.The recommendations of the government’s panel under joint secretary (transport) Abhay Damle have been accepted by the Bureau of Indian Standards which will ensure checks are in place for ISI helmets.

“Lighter helmets were suggested to suit Indian road conditions. We suggested that the helmet weight be reduced by 300gm so that citizens do not cite its heaviness for not wear one,” the official added.

Ministry officials said BIS and the police department of every state must check sub-standard sales of helmets. Of the 217 BIS-approved helmet manufacturing units in the country, four are in Maharashtra. “All new manufacturing units will have to follow the standard rules,” a senior official from BIS Maharashtra region said.

Rajesh Agarwal, member of the Helmet Manufacturing Association of India in Delhi said, Helmet manufacturers association members said they were already making lighter helmets weighing 1kg. “Some companies may manufacture heavy helmets and a standard rule will benefit them. We welcome the lighter helmet rule”.