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Ola Electric is all set to introduce its e-scooter in international bazaars in FY 2021-22

Ola Electric is all set to introduce its e-scooter in international bazaars in FY 2021-22

New Delhi: Ola Electric is grounding to take its electric scooter to globalbazaars, with countries like France, Italy and Germany, this financial year, an establishment executive stated. The establishment, which is functioning to establish a 'Hypercharger Network' for its e-vehicle, is scheduled to unveil its electric scooter in India this July.

"We are going to be launching internationally...this financial year itself, we will be selling internationally also. We start with India first but soon, we move into international markets with a focus on Europe," Ola Chairman and Group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal stated .

The establishment has not yet releasedspecifics like price tag of the e-scooter.

Previous year, Ola had publicized a Rs 2,400-crore financing for establishing its first electric scooter plant in Tamil Nadu. Afteraccomplishment, the plant will produce nearly 10,000 employments and will be the world's leading scooter engineeringplant that will primarily have an yearly capacity of 2 million units.

The premiere of the electric scooter is consistent with Ola's global perception of taking mobility into a more sustainable, available and allied future.

"We will be selling our scooters across all key markets in Europe. Key markets are the big countries especially those lying around the Mediterranean Sea, like France, Italy, even Germany is a good market. UK is good market, Spain is a great market," Aggarwal further stated.

He further stated that India is the first priority provided that Ola is an Indian establishment, but the establishments will also emphasisa great deal on exports and global markets.

Aggarwal also indicated that the establishment would look at announcing electric cars also in the future.

"This network, the Hypercharger Network is focused on two-wheelers. In due course, we will expand this network to four-wheelers also, when our four wheeler products come out in a couple of years," he stated.

Enquired about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aggarwal stated that there hasn't been any chiefdisturbanceso far.

"As the next few weeks evolve, things might change but as of now we are not foreseeing any major disruption in our roll-out of the charging network or the factory," he stated.

In May, in the previous year, Ola Electric had publicized the procurement of Amsterdam-based Etergo BV for an anonymous amount. All at once, the establishment had stated the procurement of Etergo would further support its manufacturing and design know-hows in the electric mobility sector.

Previous month, Ola Electric had broadcastedthe establishment of a 'Hypercharger Network' in the nation that would contain one lakh charging stations across 400 cities.

While Aggarwal refused to say anuthing on the revenue prospects from the EV commercial, he stated that the establishment is assured that the product will be loved by buyers.