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Curtain raising of All-electric Honda e SUV

Curtain raising of All-electric Honda e SUV

World's leading auto manufacturing companies are concentrating on electric cars which are assumed to be the future of mobility. In the go, Honda has unveiled an archetype of its next electric car Honda e SUV. It will be an electric SUV whose silhouette is exclusively futuristic.

Glimpse of Honda e SUV

However, being a base variant, nothing can be assumed regarding its final outlook. Glimpse of this car model was showcased during Shanghai Auto Show. The establishment stated that their aim is to engineer 10 e-cars in the upcoming semi-decade & the company is working on it to achieve the desired target.


The outlook of Honda e SUV is extremely eye-catching and buyers get a large DRL strip and the company marquee at the anterior of the car. It also arrives with large alloy wheels. Being a base model, various alterations are anticipated to occur but its overall design will remain unchanged.


Moving to its features, it can bid to the third generation'Honda Connect', which functions on voice recognition interface. Till date no updates have been showcased regarding its range & powertrain but it is expected that it may range from 400-600 km on a single charge. Car enthusiasts will have to wait until other updated info reveals.