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100 Electric Charging Stations By December in India

100 Electric Charging Stations By December in India

The upcoming era is the era of electric vehicles and India is working in this at its level best. Now, the Kerala government has decided to implement its e-vehicle policy over 100 electric charging stations. The government will be opened the 100 electric charging stations across the state by December.

Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd (Established in 1957) is a public sector undertaking under the Government of Kerala, India. It generates, transmits and distributes electricity in the state. This agency comes under the authority of the Department of Power.

Electricity Minister K Krishnankutty said,” ten new pillar charging stations have been installed by Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) in Kozhikode city for the public where they can scan and pay the money using a mobile phone.” Kozhikode city has the most number of e-auto rickshaws prompting the Electricity Board to take up its pilot project of charging pillars in the city.

The benefit of the pillar charging station requires very little space like an electricity pole. If it is found effective in the state, it would revolutionise and increase the use of the e-vehicle in the state. KSEB plans to expand it beyond the Kozhikode city soon so that everybody in India can take the benefits especially south India for the time being.

ANERT Steps in Electric Charging Stations

ANERT stands for Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology which is to provide the technical, financial or other assistance for the formulation of program designs, and projects meant for extension of alternative energy development programs, energy conservation, and rural technologies in the state.

Krishnankutty said.” KSEB has also issued an order to hire only electric vehicles for its official purposes and ANERT has already handed over 30 electric vehicles to various government departments of the state.” Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) is a state government agency that is already operating multiple charging stations across Kerala. ANERT is also participating in coordinating or promoting research programs or projects of a development nature involving the development of prototypes, pilot plant investigation etc. in the area of alternative and new sources of energy and rural technologies.

Why has Government Focused on Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles are in the mainstream and taking a huge presence in the world now. India’s petrol price is rising day-by-day which is influencing the budget and life of the people. On Sunday, according to a price notification of state-owned fuel retailers, petrol price was hiked by 25 paisa a litre and diesel by 30 paisa and every week it is rising and making the people suffer so the government has now focused on electric vehicles to maintain the stability of the price and due to its low cost, everybody can afford it.

"If a private person is installing a charging station, he needs to give KSEB Rs 5 per unit. However, for the public, the charge is Rs 15 per unit. In some other states, the private players are charging Rs 22 per unit," the official said.