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AUDI E- TRON LAUNCHES on 19’th December2019

AUDI E- TRON LAUNCHES on 19’th December2019

Audi’s manufacturing and production unit needs to be investigated at the earliest as it claims to have carved an Excitement Charged 4-wheeler, the new Audi E-Tron, with the sporty concept built on PPE, Carbon Di-oxide neutral plant, at Brussels.


Audi e-tron is a masterpiece SUV Coupe Sport-back & is the second model in its product line.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show Audi E-Tron shall be displayed along with the others models,

RS Q-8                   RS- 7      RS -6 (Avant)      RS- 5 Black Panther         S-8 S7 S6              Q5 E-PHEV

Announcement of E-Tron at the LA Auto show, period 30.11.2019 to 01.12.2019

In the LA Auto show, the Audi E-Tron is expected to be displayed today and this show ends at 1’st December. For those who would not be able to make it to the LA, could use the social media to have the view of the new Audi on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Over-all Key Features of the Audi- E Tron


Variants                                                               E-Tron 50 & E-Tron 55

Fuel Option                                                        Electric

Acceleration                                                       6.8 secs approx per 100km

Electric Range                                                    280 Kms

Power Charge                                                   300 kilowatts

Torque (Total)                                                   540 NM

Combined electric power                             26.3 - 21.6 (WLTP) 23.9 – 20.6 (NEFZ)

Maximum per

Emission Caron                                                 o gm/ km

Price                                                                      EUR 71,350         

                                                                                INR 54-56 lakhs


Music Audio system                                       Bang & Olufsen premium 3D sound

Wheels & Braking                                            21 inches wheels (Brake calipers Orange)

Roof Top                                                              Panoramic glass

Battery Type                                                      Lithium Ion

E-tron 50                                                              71 Kilo Watt Hour

E-tron 55                                                              95 Kilo Watt Hour

Limited Edition                                                  Plasma Blue


Actual Energy Consumption – Climate-wise

City - Cold Weather                                                         23.1 Kilo Watt Hour/100km

Highway - Cold Weather                                               32.4 Kilo Watt Hour/100km

Combined - Cold Weather                                           27 Kilo Watt Hour/100km

City - Mild Weather                                                         16.2 Kilo Watt Hour/100km

Highway - Mild Weather                                               25.9 Kilo Watt Hour/100km

Combined - Mild Weather                                           20.5 Kilo Watt Hour/100km


Length                                                                                  4901 millimeters

Width                                                                                    1935 millimeters

Height                                                                                   1616 millimeters

Wheelbase                                                                         2928 millimeters

Weight Empty                                                                   2370 kg

Cargo Volume                                                                   660 Liters

Cargo Volume Max                                                         1725 Liters

Seating Capacity                                                               5 persons



Elegant S-lined exteriors, has virtual outer mirrors attached intact in aluminum make, wheels 21-inches, orange callipered brakes, and roof with panoramic glass. Interiors with grey seat covers, Valona made. The mirrors protecting the roof Bang -Olufsen made.  To ease and relax, premium 3D sound system is installed and most remarkable is the LED light systems an excellent driving guide.

In 4-5 seconds it touches the velocity of 100 kilometers in an hour, producing a 320 Kilo Watt Hour power. The electric engine has the capacity to fly the Tron up to 500km straight. The extreme right view of the new E-sporty Tron is like, a smooth bow carved out without any joints and the angular bend at the roof, seems more like an arrow, that’s been held long, as if it’s testing the potential capacity to its extreme. Post dusk, it would be difficult to make out whether it has wheels or a low flying UFO. The light fixtures are aligned with such a precision that it would be mistaken for anything, but not a car. The Digital Matrix LED system has made the spark in the E-Tron. The expected performance with the battery power is expected a 220 miles per charge. The e-tron 50 is powered with a 71 Kilo Watt Hour pack and the E-tron 55 with 95 Kilo Watt Hour battery.

The Audi boats to offer the most innovative lane-lighting system functions and the orientation light. The self-lane centering system guides the navigator to align-mid and the pedestrian detection technology reduces the risk of skipping any pedestrians that would have not been be sighted due to low visibility.

European & Germany Market Pricing & Availability

E-Tron will be available in two variants at Euro 71350. The Audi E-Tron Sportback will be available for purchase in the springs of 2020, Europe and thereafter in US. In India, roughly at 56+ lakhs.