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About us


Automartz is all about the Automobile Industry which aims to provide a complete guide of the whole Indian Automobile Industry to their users or vendors or any related Clients.

Automartz is the first and biggest step from Indian Automobile Industry towards a better place globally or locally. It is the biggest service platform from a common man to the biggest players of the Indian Automobile Industry.

We first realized the need to integrate the Indian spare parts industry. An industry that is so underrated yet the lifeline of every other industry thriving today. After the successful completion of the integration, we started to focus on the whole Automobile Industry on a single platform.


Our Vision and Mission


“We saw a dream, and now we are at the stage of completing it”- Mr. Jasneet Singh Kohli, CEO, Automartz. Our vision of making a single platform of the Indian Automobile Industry took us 4 long years with a lot of hard work and patience and now we make this happen. Now, Automartz is an only platform where you can find the whole Automobile Industry on your fingertips. Our team worked very hard and still working very hard with their whole dedication.

We let the people know about recent happening in Auto Industry. We have tailored made platform for all types of customers and any vendor across the automobile industry.

Our Mission is to provide every single person to realize, how the online Industry makes fools of people. We want every user to meet real vendors of the Automobile Industry rather than trusting online vendors.

As much as an outsider who would look at us and compare us with other Portals running online, we are striving harder every day harder to a point of no comparison with anyone or any other entity as what we work for is entirely work for a specialized and focused Automobile industry only and/or with the industries directly or indirectly related to it. Our continuous effort is to keep up-to-date information on what’s happening in the Indian Automobile and spare parts industry and tell our users and vendors how they can be benefitted through the market know-how.

Being a dedicated platform for the complete Automobile Industry, we try to provide each and every aspect. We enhance our vendor’s and/or client’s visibility in the whole automobile industry with the GEO-Location presence of their business.

We believe in complete Client Satisfaction and try every day and with every possibility to make our Clients/Vendors/Users satisfy with our regular upgrading services.