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Here's a list of cars that won't let you go bankrupt. The most popular car service dealers in India, such as New Delhi and Noida, have closed down. German automaker BMW is one of the most popular luxury car brands in the world. The 3 Series has long been the best - selling luxury sedan in India and is offered as a hand - held luxury cars. With a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine capable of producing 400 horsepower and 500 lb - ft of torque, the current BMW 3-Series sells for around 1.5 lakh rupees. Currently, at the former showroom, current S - Class retails for 1,35,2,73 rupee. German automaker's range, the larger Cayenne and Porsche Macan are available in their range with a wide range of features included as standard. Indian market for the SUV segment is practically empty, making the Porsche Macan one of the best options to buy with the comparatively cheap price tag, especially if you are looking for a luxury SUV to look forward to in the near future. With a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine capable of 400 horsepower and 400 lb - ft of torque, Porsche's Macans SUV is a great choice for those with an interest in luxury and luxury cars. Blockland says that sales have exceeded expectations for companies like Royce and Lamborghini. Indian car market, the brand has already sold more cars than Mercedes, which ten years ago was India's only luxury car brand. The BMW 3 Series is an anachronism of everyday luxury. Unlike the 7 Series, where you sit in the driver's seat and are treated like an executive in a car, the 3-Series wants you to sit on the back seat. Obviously, luxury cars can be expensive, but for those who don't want to compromise on luxury, we've compiled a list of the 10 most expensive cars in India with the best prices. Luxury cars in India have recently experienced a surge in demand in recent years. In India's car market, where miles are preferred to luxury, there is no limit to the number of cars that can be made available to buyers. The 2013 model is definitely the most attractive luxury hatchback in the world. There are many other cars available in this price range, but this performs better than most of them. It features a 2.4-litre engine that develops an impressive 167hp and is available with either a manual or automatic gearbox. Other amenities in the cabin include a heated steering wheel, heated seats, a power sunroof and heated mirrors. It is sold in three colours : black, red and white, with a black leather interior and black trim. The S90 comes with an Indian - made diesel engine that is known for its stunning performance. The Jaguar XJ is one of the best premium cars and is best known as a luxury car with striking performance and a great driving experience. This car is equipped with almost all powertrains at an attractive price that might make other premium car manufacturers think twice. Audi's A - series cars are particularly well established in India and the A6 is considered to be one of the best luxury cars in the country. The luxury hatchback's highest mileage is 20 km and other models in this series have been praised for their performance and reliability. The TT seems like the best thing you can buy for its price tag. Audi showed off the 2018 Q5 at the Geneva Motor Show, which is the only car missing from the price list. It has worked hard to update almost all the options. Volvo India has overtaken the number of cars sold in 2017, selling 2,194 units in the same period, an increase of 40 per cent. Despite a much lower base, Volvo India posted the fastest growth rate of any luxury automaker. Honda is a highly respected car brand in India, even if it does not capture a large market share. You can easily find out if you have previously owned a Honda CR - V. If you want to own a car with a good price - to - value ratio and good driving experience, you can purchase a CR-V for a best deal. What is even better is that it is sold in such a good condition that is it easy to find good examples in the used car market. Check out used Mercedes S - Class vehicles in Delhi - NCR. If you want a car with good price - to - value ratio and good driving experience, the Audi Q7 is what you need. Since the late 1920s, the average Indian has dreamed of a new car, but the prices were too high and taxes and duties were ever increasing. Privately owned cars, on the other hand, were abbebed cheaper and easier to obtain and realize. If you have previously owned a luxury car in the market, then you can write it off.