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15th Power ON Exhibition 2020, Empowering the Progressive India

15th Power ON Exhibition 2020, Empowering the Progressive India

Organizer :Shivam Info India

Venue : Labhganga Exhibition & Convention Center, Indore (India)

Contact Info :Arvind Mohan- OR Anjali-

City :Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Country :India

15th Power ON Exhibition provides the gateway to leading ACID Battery Industry and a Promising future to INDIAN SSI BATTERYMEN

Power ON Exhibition is a platform where Indian and International Battery men interact to open new business opportunities. Thousands of battery men from all over world visits every year. The main objective of this Exhibition is to bring the Battery and their associated industries together for their benefit. It also promotes safe recycling of the batteries and handling process.

How & Why Power ON? Power ON has their stands in Battery Industry for 14 years and they are serving the battery industry since 1985. They have also published fortnightly Magazine “Battery Directory & Year Book” which has gained larger readership and respect in Battery Industry.

The focus areas of Exhibition are, Manufacturers, Policy Makers, Industry Leaders and Specialists of various areas such as:

Lead Acid Battery| Renewable Energy Systems| Battery Making Machineries| Solar Inverters| UPS Battery & Chargers|

At last, Exhibition will also feature Solar and E-Rickshaw Batteries. Off-Grid Solar Applications and E-Rickshaw Batteries are the new areas of interests for other Battery and Inverter Dealers and Manufacturers. As per the latest research, it is assumed that E-Rickshaw Batteries will replace the Inverter sales in upcoming years.

Reports of Market Research conducted by “Battery Directory & Year Book” states that 70% of Battery men has started selling Solar Equipments and Solar Plates which includes installation of electrical needs in Home, Schools, and Hospitals etc.

The statistics shows that, Lead Battery Industry has bright and golden upcoming years ahead. The present status of Battery Industry will be doubled in next 10 Years.