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5th India Vehicle After Sales Summit,Sat 14 Dec 2019

5th India Vehicle After Sales Summit,Sat 14 Dec 2019

Organizer :World Auto Forum

Venue : Radisson, Udyog Vihar,Gurugram

Contact Info

City :Gurugram

Country :INDIA

Keeping the consistency in organizing all the After Sales Summit on the second Saturday, this year’s event too is scheduled on 14’Th Saturday, the second of the month.  The Indian Vehicle After Sales Summit is the common gel-well meet, where the meaning of transparency is in its actual play.  The coming Post-Sales discussion Seminar has enabled to book some valuable hours of the Automobile Key-Leaders, who decisions directly fluctuates the graphs of the Stock prices and channels the automotive market to a very large extent. The words “After Sales”, to cut-down in its simplest form is feed-back, which is as essential as oxygen to all living souls.

The 5’TH India Vehicle After Sales Summit would be the only Auto-podium which shall the presence of major Auto-players like, Tata Motors, Nissan, TVS-Motors,  Mahindra & Mahindra, and hence it is clear as crystal that it would be a valuable one day session. This show interests more than 125 countries Auto dealers, synergizing of the SOP & VOC, auto CRM, and many others.

The 14’th December, 5’th After Sales Show 2019, coring the India Vehicle After Sales would have auto-congregation of after sales leading corporate of Honda, Hyundai Corp, Maruti-India , Tata Motors, Renault, Fiat, Ashok Leyland, Audi, Hero Moto Corp., Tvs Motors, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters and other related associates like the dealers, the after Sales Heads, Vendors and Car Care Products Suppliers.

As witnessed in the year 2017, the event, 3rd IVASS had a remarkable co-ordination and had the best host-serve services well-facilitated by the professional Event-Organizer, the World Auto Forum. This Summit was occasioned on 9’th December 2017, starting with the inaugural speech of Mr. Anuj Guglani, CEO- World Auto Forum. Like than without interrupting the periodicity flow, the upcoming, 5th India Vehicle After Sales Summit, is also schedules on the second Saturday, 14’TH, Dec 2019.


The 3’rd IVASS organized by the World Auto Forum had the presence of those personalities, that hardly need any introduction.