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ET Auto Natural Gas Vehicle Conclave 2019

ET Auto Natural Gas Vehicle Conclave 2019

Organizer :ET-Auto

Venue : Hyatt Regency Delhi, Rama Krishna Puram, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi, Delhi-NCR, India

Contact Info :Rohit Singh, +91 882 606 2190

City :delhi

Country :India

The 6’TH December 2019 ET Auto Natural Gas Vehicle Conclave is the re-knock of the Paris Climate Agreement that was signed by India apart from 190 nations. It was a collective pact that was aimed to limit the global temperature not more than 2 degrees and a further decreasing it by 0.5. The revival and recall of the Paris Agreement is the vital objective of this Auto Natural Gas Conclave 2019, at the Hyatt Regency, Delhi, India. An investment of Rupees 1, 24,000 crore has been infused by the Government of India to vein out the gas channel to 300 districts at the earliest by 2030. The infrastructural expansion of the proposed fund shall aim to touch around 15000 re-filling pumps of compressed natural gas & liquefied natural gas. The current strength of the fuelling station is 1769 and is a better figure compared to the last half decade number of 938.


The revival and the implementation of the Paris Pact might turn out to be the eleventh hour SOS, a wise solution rather going for expensive Electric Stations Infra set-ups.  The organizer, ET Auto is one of the most reputed Media-House that absorbs and telecasts anything and everything that is related to the Automobile Industry. This conclave of 2019 is an intentional task taken up by the event host, the ET Auto to trigger the attention of the much-busy Auto-Leaders in making them realize about the in-hand availability of the refueling Infrastructures in India. The upcoming Conclave of 2019, regarding the bounce back to the Natural Gas fuel option, if turns out to be a success, then in no time the implementation of the Paris Agreement shall come in play.

This common table talk would have the presence of all the major key persons, stake-holders that can re-roll out the forgotten Paris Climate Change Agreement, 2016.


Adopting a full-fledged NGV production and considering it as the major transportation mode for both, private and commercial, will help the country in becoming self-reliant.

If the Conclave conclusion turns positive, it would directly reduce the import cost of Oils and the dependency factor shall cease. The Carbon emission using the Natural Gas Vehicles would also meet all the mandate of the BS-VI.  Eager eyes are fixed on the calendar with reverse counting, as they are ones who actually understands the technicalities and financial gain that would be achieved if the ET Auto Natural Gas Conclave succeeds.