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19TH E-Chambery Auto Retro 2019

19TH E-Chambery Auto Retro 2019

Organizer :Savoi Expo

Venue : 1725 Avenue du Grand Arietaz, 73000 Chambéry, France

Contact Info :+33 4 79 62 22 80,

City :Chambery

Country :France

Those who still live in their thoughts and have paused their life-pace to match-up with the current trend, the upcoming  Automotive Retro,  19TH E-Chambery Auto Retro, will refresh your past-life that you miss and fly you back to your world to re-live it, one more time. The Chambery Auto Retro is scheduled at the exhibition centre of Chambery , France, from 30-Nov.It is an interactive two days business Auto Show, to be hosted by the Savo-i-Expo, targeting motives to companies news, products & services  of the Auto/Automotive industries and related. This event will display spare parts, automobile, auto-magazines devoted to cars, Vintages, Stamps, Old Coins, Antique pieces artifacts, related to the automotive. It is an open to all show, with vintage auto-motors & motorbikes including the old mechanics that shall inspires everyone to re-start their incomplete dreams of childhood.

It will be a mix feeling of the past, present and the future, where the grand daddy & Mummies shall gear back to their era and the children would plan to experiment the tech-Tat tooling  at home and the in-between generations, the Mummy and Daddy’s shall think of the going with the least rate of interest loan to buy a car. The event shall tray the old delicacies, the recipe of which have lost or long forgotten. Having the privilege of witnessing the 60s and 50s car might just turn your adrenaline high making you feel young and enthusiastic. This common table shall not take sides, but will be fair in serving everyone attendee’s emotions.  The sports lover shall the opportunity of spending quality time with their old Sports car which they once wanted too badly. Some handy name of the car to be expected on 30’Th November are the sports coupe, such as the Alpine, Porsche, Volvo, the Italian and many more. This event that shall be remembered in the Automobile-Wikipedia, when ever Opel's  is spoken off, is the 120th anniversary of the Opel. More than 100 merchants will be present including the professionals, and have the presence of the specialists in engine restoration, electrical harnesses, and instrumentation onboard, specific products for use in the restoration of mechanical parts and bodywork. Some of the childhood memories will gush out at this event, as there are 100 merchants dealing and collecting ancient antiques, and out them, the most popular booth will be the Stamp Collection corner, with the old designed T-shirts and the cup-impressions will also hold the space in this event to keep the children engaged. Those who love to dig the junk-yard, this event is the place you should be, as there are will be engine restoration experts who have the magic touch of reviving any old dead auto machine’s and spares. More than ninety technical specialist will be present who expertise in the Mechanical restoration and Customization of engines. Other automobile related articles like key chains, vintage & travel accessories), spare parts etc. Also there will be an allotted corner dedicated exclusively for the club.


Organizer – Savoi Expo : - Savoi Expo is an Event Organizing and Facilitating Company having its presence in Western Europe and it is in to serving the industries like, the Auto & Automotive, Building & Construction, Agriculture & Forestry, Business Services, Food and Beverages, Hospitality. Savoy’s operations are not confined to automotives,  but has flexible experience in serving other domains too. Hence the upcoming event hosted by Savoi will be a mix of the earned experiences.