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SIAM 14th Styling & Designing Conclave The 20-20 ADC

SIAM 14th Styling & Designing Conclave The 20-20 ADC

Organizer :SIAM

Venue : Banquet Hall, India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR

Contact Info : (+91 9971156581)

City :delhi

Country :India

The SIAM, founded exclusively to proactively boost the development gaps long faced by the Indian Automobile Industry and related stakeholders, maintaining its objective and consistency, it is facilitating the 14'th Automotive Styling and Designing Conclave in February, 2020. The  automobile enthusiasts can attend this informative automotive Styling & Designing Conclave can reserve their seat as the upcoming is scheduled at the banquet hall , India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, on 6'th Feb, 6pm. SIAM intends to convey, the need to instill the Indian Automobile sector with the designing capabilities. Apart from the BS6 compliant norms, another vital factor that evokes the purchase intention is the looks. The visuals, quite often plays the charming game even at times when the car brand, engine specification is not a desirable by the customer. In simple, whats looks good, sells good.

We breathe in a DYNAMIC TALK WALK era where, both evolution and revolution are instaneous and unexpected. Every evolutionary transition has many untold parallels. Like, the advent of Electric Utility Vehicles, which is an ongoing one, and is the table-topic now, but there are many co-related transformation happening associated with the automobile, eg, spare parts are been designed that is electric engine compatible, the OTA (over-the-air) software which has related peripherals and so on. Here, SIAM's Automative Style and Design aims to enlighten those who are not aware of the parallels of evolution. This is the 12th and 14th Styling & Design Conclave and and Automotive Designing Challenge. The Styling and Designing (S & D) Group of SIAM, aims to ignite the  focused keys area, first, create excitement and interest, second is the Support Facility to uplift the locals and provide the technical base knowledge for the new entrants and to guide them step wise. Thirdly, is providing growth opportunities and finally is encouraging, which shall infuse the winning spirits in for the young participants including aspiring entrepreneurs, which is the major driver behind any task. The event will have the presence of the related industry professionals like, the designers, engineers - Style & Design, related designing and styling equipment suppliers, young aspirants, design practitioners and others.

The other and the most important point to highlight here is the urgency of harnessing the vocational skills and to create a healthy competition that maintains the interest. SIAM holds up contests, same like this one that happens on 6'th February, the second month of 2020. Making this event-reading interesting we can nickname the upcoming Styling & Designing Conclave meet as, THE 20-20 ADC. This Conclave has a contest for the students, the Automotive Design Challenge (ADC) and the winners will be rewarded.